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Deliver Superior CX with AI-Powered Answering Machine Detection

Aculab has integrated highly accurate Answering Machine Detection into telephony software: Prosody S. This presents a significant step in how businesses can deliver smarter and superior customer experiences.

Maintaining customer satisfaction is vital for ensuring the long-term profitability and success of a company. When it comes to providing customer service, efficacy and efficiency are critical. With the introduction of Artificial Intelligence (AI), companies are now looking for creative methods to improve their operations and offer better consumer experiences. The incorporation of AI-powered answering machine detection in call centres and other sectors with significant outbound communication traffic is one example of this progress.

In call centres, the conventional method for handling outgoing calls typically involves agents manually determining whether a caller has reached a real person or an answering machine. This process takes some time and is prone to mistakes, which causes delays and inefficiencies in the provision of client support.

Answer Machine Detection (AMD), had a less than ideal start. Back in 2008, Ofcom effectively banned the use of the technology due to the number of silent calls it caused. Of course since then, the technology has advanced substantially. In 2020, Aculab released AI-AMD, enhancing the traditional AMD system with a trained neural network.

About AI-Driven Answering Machine Detection

AI-AMD achieves maximum performance independent of spoken language or the underlying calling technology employed, thanks to a diverse and contemporary set of training data. Best-in-class speed and accuracy enable simple compliance with rules, like those issued by the FCC and OFCOM. Depending on how the call is answered, the technology can even indicate whether the live recipient's phone is a residential or a business number.

Aculab’s AI-AMD solution has an unrivalled accuracy of virtually 100% and identifies live human responses within 1.5 seconds - half the time of its top competitors!

The solutions’ quick response reduces any delays in connecting agents to customers, and therefore increases the opportunity for tangible business results, and superior customer satisfaction.

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While the benefits of integrating AI-AMD in call centres are clear, it is essential to acknowledge and address potential challenges, such as privacy concerns and regulatory compliance. That is why Aculab ensures adherence to strict data protection regulations and maintains transparency in our usage of AI technologies.

The integration of AI-AMD represents a significant step forward in building smarter and superior customer experiences. By leveraging advanced AI technologies, businesses can streamline operations, enhance customer satisfaction, and drive efficiency and productivity in their customer service endeavours. As AI continues to evolve, the potential for innovation in customer service delivery will only continue to grow, promising a future where interactions between businesses and customers are more intelligent, seamless, and rewarding.

AI-AMD is available on-premise or on Aculab Cloud. Sign up or request an Evaluation License to get started!


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